Development, implementation and yearly maintenance of safety and health programs is cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming for most successful businesses.  Work Safe Solutions offers you an alternative way to address safety & health compliance. We help reduce your financial exposure by developing and delivering tailored, cost-effective, programs for you and your employees which helps ensure that you meet current safety and health requirements.


In general, the OSHA inspection process will consists of: an opening conference, the Inspection of your facility, a closing conference, and the notification of results.

HELP! I've been inspected by OSHA . . .

In order to avoid citations and fines, your company must already have programs in place and completed employee training prior to an inspection.

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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) determines and enforces the safety and health requirements for your operation in the form of OSHA regulations.  When OSHA inspects companies to verify compliance with these regulations, they are often issued citations and fines.  That’s when most businesses learn that there is a difference between providing a safe work environment and providing an OSHA-compliant workplace. Surprisingly, providing a safe work place does not always equate to OSHA compliance.  That’s where we can help.  

Small businesses frequently lack the resources for a full-time safety director.  It takes a great deal of time, energy, money and knowledge of regulations to implement necessary safety and health programs.  Keeping the programs current in following years is labor and cost prohibitive.  

Assuming employers wish to provide a safe work environment, the issues become: 

• What should be included in a Safety & Health Program? 

• What type of documentation will my business be expected to provide?  

OSHA targets, inspects, cites and fines smaller businesses with greater frequency than it does larger businesses.  Consequently, it is in the interest of any business, particularly small business, to be aware of OSHA regulations and how they apply to their operation.  Click here to review the graphs for proof


WORK SAFE SOLUTIONS does the work for you.  

Our comprehensive process is a proven means to efficient implementation. We audit your facility to develop written program manuals tailored to your operation. Once developed, we return to implement the programs and conduct on-site employee training for each program. At your option and under no obligation, we return each year for required annual written program updates, certification & required annual employee re-training.  WORK SAFE Solutions does as much of the implementation process as possible, to avoid burdening your staff and management with additional duties.  

If your business has not developed, implemented and annually updated safety programs, as required, then your business may needlessly be exposed to costly, preventable OSHA citations & fines.   

During our review, we determine exposures and select the programs desired, then provide a written quote.


Program costs vary and are subject to your operation's exposure. 


Purchasing multiple programs initially is less costly than purchasing single programs, individually, over time.  A business with two employees and limited machinery or chemical exposure will pay less than a business with 100+ employees, multiple work shifts and hundreds of pieces of equipment & machinery.  Because our program costs are subjective and based on your operation, it allows us to accommodate even the smallest businesses with little exposure.  Generally we are of assistance to business with less than 50 employees.  We do assist larger businesses; usually in the capacity of assisting a Safety Director or helping a company catch up on past due employee training.  

During our review, we determine exposures & select the programs desired, then provide a written quote.

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